A  VAL  D'ILLIEZ , à  coté de la  pharmacie

Région Dents du Midi-Portes du Soleil -Vallée d'Illiez- 
Stations : Les Crosets- Champoussin- Morgins- Champéry

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200 mètres après le rond point entre Champéry, Les Crosets et Champoussin.


Our English speaking medical practice offers full and permanent medical services, including initial investigations. We offer pathological and radiological services and trauma care, in our fully equipped treatment rooms .
In the case of ski-ing accidents, splints and crutches are available.
We welcome patients from the general locality of la Vallée d'Illiez , Champéry, Les Crosets, Champoussin , Troistorrents  and Morgins. 
We also welcome anyone needing our assistance who is a visitor to the area.

Our family medical servic includes assistance with:
- Chronic age-related medical conditions, with home visits if necessary ,Initial gynaecological and paediatric examinations General check ups ,ECG, Ambulatory cardiology testing and the availability of a defibrillator
- Osteopathy ( Dr Paratte)
- Pharmacy Service
As a family practice we are here to assist the community.  As  medical practitioners, we concern ourselves with giving solutions when you have worries about your health and well-being, and monitor your progress on a regular basis.
For continuity, your medical file is available to all doctors within the practice.  Your health insurer will not penalise you for consulting a doctor different to the one specified.
With the help of our medical support staff, we respond in the most effective way to all your health problems.  For those we service at home, we work frequently with the nursing staff.
We are open:    
Monday to Saturday, including Saturday mornings.
For urgent medical assistance : on Saturday afternoons , Sundays and Bank and Public Holidays
 Just call us, we are 
    available to assist you.